Nicholas Jay

Nick Jay

Blogger, Musician & Crypto Enthusiast


Hi and welcome to the official Nick Jay website.  Born and raised in Wales, United Kingdom.

I started life out as a songwriter/musician and after years of self branding and marketing was invited to help other businesses with the skills I learnt which took me down the path you see before you today.

I am in the business of helping others although you might see some music related stuff as well as Crypto, Bitcoin and everything really as I will be writing about find is really interesting and worth sharing.

Recent Work

Recent Jobs

Award winning sales with marketing Puritii branding in the UK & Europe

  • Air Purification Systems
  • Portable water bottle purification

Website Development & Branding

More of a personal project about research for finding the best way to travel with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

  • Compare cheaper hotel prices with crypto reward schemes.
  • Last minute holiday deals

Jouve is an anti-aging and Skincare brand with no nasty ingredients, not tested on animals and clinically proven to make your skin look and feel younger.  You too can look 10 years younger within 2 minutes of using Jouve Tightening Serum, I personally use the moisturizer as well.  It does actually work.

  • Makes you look 10 years younger in under 2 minutes
  • I like this brand so much I marketed the website for it to help bring sales reaching #1 sales UK and #2 in Europe
  • Worldwide Delivery (Which means I could market and sell products to customers all over the globe without needing stock or to deliver)


I am a key which unlocks many doors, I play multiple instruments, a huge crypto enthusiast but most importantly working from home to be with my son and see him grow up.

Work From Home


2004 – 2008

Bachelors Degree – Royal Welsh College MD

College and Universities are the best memories, never stop learning and always be teachable.

2000 – 2004

Cwmtawe Comprehensive

Good and bad memories, I have to say though, I have earned more from self learning and working from home than that of what education has given me.  If you have the spark and drive you can learn / do anything you put your mind to.

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