Celsius vs BlockFi vs Crypto.com oh and Nexo..

Celsius vs Crypto.com vs BlockFi is something most people will ponder between when discovering earning interest with crypto but is one better than the other? Should you put all your eggs in one basket and why haven’t I mentioned Nexo in this battle?

I have chosen what I believe to be the best three ‘centralized’ companies to earn interest on your crypto. I highlight centralized because there are KYC hoops to jump and as the saying goes ‘not your keys, not your crypto’ so effectively you are borrowing your crypto to a company to get interest and putting faith that the company wont exit scam and run off with your money. Compare this to DEFI – Decentralised Finance where there is no middle man. I will cover more about DEFI in another post but for now let’s stick to the mainstream what most people would choose and that is the ‘easy to use’ centralized approach.

Celsius Network

Firstly I have chosen Celsius Network because it was the easiest to set up, I managed to get a 10USD referral code the app looks great. The team members are all available if you would like to do your own research which I think is important as well. Some lending companies don’t mention a team and for me this can raise some red flags and concerns. Celsius is very public, has many podcasts and available to see on youtube for regular updates.

Celsius pays interest weekly and compounds to give more, they have a CEL token which you can earn extra if you choose to earn in CEL or you can earn interest in whatever crypto you deposit.

Easy to use, nice user interface
Many different altcoins available to deposit to earn interest
KYC was simple and easy with driving license
Fast customer support response
No locking of your funds
Cold wallet funds insured by BitGo

A centralized company insuring cold wallets sounds great but what does this actually mean? Many companies claim this insurance but no one is yet to actually use thankfully that I know of so it’s an interesting one. Of course feels safer than not having it at all!

Earn Interest With Celsius Now

Celsius Network – Sign Up Now Use Code 173029c36c to get 10USD when you deposit 200dollars


BlockFi was one of the first crypto interest-loan companies that caught my eye through the Brave Browser.  Huge investors and recommended by many I was on the fence for a while before giving them a try.  I eventually decided instead of using just one to split my risk over both BlockFi and Celsius.

Easy to set up
Sleek app and online portal
No lock up of funds
No crazy staking of a worthless coin to earn rewards

BlockFi was data hacked, no funds were stolen but peoples addresses and emails were compromised
Slower withdrawal times compared to Celsius
Monthly payouts, can withdraw at any time but lose interest of that month

Earn Interest With BlockFi

Invitation code: a3cabf49 or sign up at https://blockfi.com/?ref=a3cabf49
Deposit over 100USD in crypto and get 10dollars for signing up!

Crypto.com (AKA as Monaco)

Crypto.com has had a bit of a bumpy road.  Early MCO card investors felt scammed when they spent millions on a domain name and then release another coin called CRO for the exchange.  Both of these coins have different uses, MCO is to stake to get a card and CRO is to stake for other benefits to do with trading fees and on the exchange.  Looking past the history Crypto.com is very enticing especially with earning crypto back rewards with Amazon Prime, Airbnb and Spotify 100% rebate.

The reason I personally think Crypto.com is a 3rd choice is solely because of the super high staking requirements.  If you desire to just earn some interest on your crypto and don’t trade that often then Celsius or BlockFi is a better option.  For example to take advantage of the best interest fees you need to stake 500MCO which is over £2000 / $2300 just to be able to earn a good interest rate.  Compare this to competitors I think the risk is too high for having to stake such a large amount for a centralized company which could be shut down at any time.  In my opinion the risk is too great for the high tier stakes, that said Crypto.com is available in most countries and jumping through all the hoops for regulations.  Cards have started going out and there are much more positive reviews than previously.

Amazon & Netflix 100% Rebate available for higher staking tiers
Many different altcoins to earn interest
Very nice app and trading features

Super high staking costs to get better interest rates and other benefits
Roller coaster of good and bad reviews all over reddit
Targeted more for high rollers and big earners
Smells like a Ponzi, acts like a Ponzi.. so maybe it might just be a..

CDC Monaco Interest

Invitation code: ttyvngux25 or sign up at https://platinum.crypto.com/r/ttyvngux25 and we both get $50 USD 🙂


It’s really not that difficult to see the differences between Celsius, BlockFi and Crypto.com and you can’t really go wrong choosing any of these top 3, if you want to mitigate risk you could do as I do and spread your assets across all 3 just in case one does run away with your money.

The reason Nexo wasn’t listed is because I did my research and also contacted them by support, I found them quite rude and abrupt when asking simple questions.  Even though Nexo has very generous interest rates I didn’t feel as safe compared to Celsius, BlockFi and Crypto.com

Celsius Network – A team that strive to give back to the community puts Celsius ahead, very high generous interest rates and great app.  The downside to some might be the CEL token but here it really has utility since people can earn in higher rewards in CEL token rather than the native token if they choose.

BlockFi – Has the simplest and fastest KYC out of the three.  No silly staking will make this very attractive to some people.  I think BlockFi is more geared towards stable coins but they are improving by adding some altcoins.

Crypto.com – Recommended only for the wealthy!  Could turn out to be the best long term with all the features combined but right now the risk is too high and I would prefer to diversify.
***UPDATE***  Shady business tactics, rug pull for investors with no communication.. I would advise anyone to STAY AWAY from this one.