Phoneum vs MinePi (Pi-Network) – Mobile-Crypto Cloud Mining

Phoneum vs MinePi battle it out as the most popular and best mobile cloud mining available.  Cloud mining has become increasingly popular among the masses giving more users the ability to earn coins from all over the world by easily downloading an app without spending big money on mining rigs or equipment.

Phoneum Mobile Crypto Cloud Mining

Phoneum, is one the best mobile cloud crypto-mining apps to be released on both android and iOS. The focus is on cloud mining and additional ways to earn PHT such as from playing the free games.  It’s a really cool idea, they have a lot to work on as there are only currently about 5 games available and some of them decent while others lets say, shocking. Of course each to their own, I am sure some people will prefer to earn PHT on some games compared to others, I just feel the crypto mobile gaming industry really needs some ‘new age’ awesome game which people actually want to play, rather than playing a copy type game just to earn coins.

Easy to use, nice user interface.
Ability to earn lots of PHT from playing free games.
One click mining per week cloud mining.
Earn extra crypto playing free games.

The games you can earn extra PHT on, as cool as they are have annoying ads which is part of the ecosystem.

Phoneum Cloud Mining

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MinePi – Also known as Pi Network

Pi actually raised a lot of alarm bells when it was released, they touted being the first mobile cloud mining app and having a huge amount of users even though it did not seem to be so.  It seemed there was much more marketing involved than developing and lying about active users raised a lot of red flags.

The app has been under constant development since then, they have integrated what seem’s like a Whatsapp type of messenger built inside which is a nice touch, however severely lacking in features such as video calls and recorded voice etc.  There are more apps being tested and released soon, right now miners can only use the app to mine and send messages, but not withdraw.

Seems to have a very active community.
Potential to add many good usable apps.
A messenger which if done right could be better than alternatives.

Lied about being ‘the first mobile cloud miner’.
Lied about active user base to entice new users (Touted as having more users than Coinbase which was untrue).
Have to click a button once every 24 hours to continue mining, doesn’t bother me but might bother some.

Pi Mobile Cloud Mining

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There are likely to be many more rivals coming to the cloud-mining space and although at first look both Phoneum vs MinePi (Pi-Network) seem to be direct rivals, it seems Phoneum is going down the path of of mobile-gaming and extra earnings from ad revenue.  You will be able to earn extra PHT from playing games as well as cloud mining.  Pi is more targeting onboarding of apps and getting users more involved so if you have an interest in which cloud-mining is best I would invite you to try both of them since they hardly use any battery on your phone and you can start stacking coins for the future.

Phoneum – Easy to get started, just head on over to the play Store or App store and download the app.  CLICK HERE to get started with your free 200PHT

Pi Network – Easy to get started! invite only, you will need to CLICK HERE and use invitation code – nickjayuk