New To Bitcoin or Crypto? Best Place To Get Started?

Bitcoin has been a global phenomenon taking the world by storm.  Some key points to think about:

  • Only 24 million Bitcoin available, getting more scarce as time goes on.

  • Credibility, Bitcoin has been here for more than 10 years and growing.

  • Bitcoin is the best asset class beating Forex, Stocks and Shares.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a hedge against fiat currency under government control. It’s deflationary, incredibly limited, secure, and trustless.

Anyone can transact using Bitcoin without the need for a third party (bank and/or financial institution).

Bitcoin uses blockchain which is essentially a public ledger where every transaction (debit and credit) can be seen publicly. It is then layered with cryptographics for security. Blocks are generated by people transacting bitcoins and the fees are added to each block. Once full, the miner who generates the key using GPU’s (mining rigs) to validate the transaction will be rewarded with 6.25 bitcoin.

By now I’m sure you can understand why these assets are called “cryptocurrencies”.

Once completed, the block is timestamped so it cannot be reversed or tampered with, and a new block opens!

Miners secure the Bitcoin network and protect its decentralisation. To hack the network you would need to take over 51% of the entire network, it’s estimated to cost around 1,000,000USD per day just to attempt a takeover.

Since its inception, Bitcoin has given birth to the entire cryptocurrecy market! A pool of other cryptocurrencies using blockchain to achieve different purposes. Little actually try and do this, so the majority turn out to be SHITCOINS. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most established cryptocurrencies to date and they are polar opposites to one another.

I believe that the next revolution to the world economy will be the digital one! Everything will move online and be connected… read up on IOT “Internet of Things”

This is slowly becoming a legitimate asset class with worldwide utility.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Bitcoin?

Over the years one exchange has triumphed globally while others have had massive attacks, been liquidated, closed down, millions of funds lost and many other tragedies.

If you are new to Bitcoin and looking to get in then Coinbase is your best bet to get started, but not for trading.  There are many different places to buy Bitcoin however Coinbase gives you the best starting bonus and additional ways to earn crypto.

Coinbase has tutorials and will pay you to learn about crypto in different altcoins per video and you will get a short quiz at the end to make sure you have been paying attention.

Coinbase takes the lead with fair(ish) fees, great security and peace of mind that your funds are ‘safe’ however it is not recommended to leave funds on any exchange for long periods of time as no exchange is invulnerable to attacks.

For more information on one of the best and most secure place to store your bitcoin or altcoins check here.


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A little advice before you buy, never spend more than you are willing to lose, nobody knows the future and even ‘financial guru’s’ tend to get it wrong just as often as the weather.

Earn Free Crypto with Coinbase Earn!

The above image was taken showing just one payment received from Coinbase Earn for 15.6 Stellar Lumens doing just one short 2 minute video and quiz.

Get various altcoins paid into your account for watching the short tutorial videos and answering the quiz, no you can’t cheat but it’s pretty easy.

This is a great incentive to teach new users about Crypto and Blockchain Technology while rewarding users, another reason to choose Coinbase for new users and share with others.

The rewards received can potentially rise in value and if you’re smart you can convert these earnings into other currencies of your choice.

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