Quadency – THE Crypto Trading Bot

Automated trading which is also quite popular in the stock industry has taken the crypto industry by storm.  Initially I was really excited and rather than go into all the details, I ultimately lost over 1 bitcoin just buying or renting bots which also then lost me a further 1-2 bitcoin it was really a hard learning curve.

Crypto trading bots, no matter who try to sell you are never set and forget.  They should be looked at as an additional tool to compliment and help you take advantage of the markets even when you are not at a computer.  There are over 100+ bots available, I would say I have tried the top 10 and ended up with recommending Quadency.

Quadency has the ability to connect to multiple exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro..  and many more.  Other bots charge per license or per exchange meaning if you have your funds on different exchanges it can be costly even before you start.  You could move all your funds to one exchange but then expect high fees so ultimately Quadency is a winner here.

Quadency Trading Bot

Cloud Hosted vs Self Set Up Crypto Bots

Initially I started with self hosted bots, there were quite a few in the beginning and all claimed to be the best so it was really a crash test, mostly crashing.  I run a bot on my computer, had a power cut then a few hours later the bot had bought sold crazy stuff, just went mental basically I learned I needed to buy virtual private server, also known as a VPS to run the bot for me which has risks of it’s own and ended up being quite time consuming and pricey over the year, not worth it for sure and very technical.

Cloud hosted bots like Quadency are very easy to set up just register your email, generate the API on your chosen exchanges and connect.  Make sure when setting up the API’s to UNTICK the box allowing withdrawals so the bot is only able to trade and not withdraw, there are great step by step tutorials available on this if you are new.

Crypto All In One Portfolio Management

Visually Quadency is beautiful, has day and night mode, is very intuitive for managing multiple portfolio’s if you have many assets spread over many exchanges.  It is also very good just for one exchange as they have a FREE Hodler option which currently allows you to setup and use one bot, the portfolio manager alone is just fantastic for monitoring and the most useful crypto tool I have used so far.


Very easy to set up and get started, shows your portfolio visually from multiple exchanges
Cheaper than paying for bot software you have to run and manage yourself
A ultra fast support team who have helped me out multiple times
Multiple different strategy bots, less risk, more risk, back testing and smart settings allowing you to check the top performing bot settings!


Many people will just put $500/£500 on a bot and leave it run or not learn enough about it hoping for the best and lose
Sometimes exchanges time out API connections, not often but for updates etc and if you are not careful you can lose if bot is running

Sign up HERE for a free month and exclusive discounts.  If you don’t want to pay for the bots then you can use the portfolio manager for free which is amazing for saving time logging into different exchanges for trading.  Quadency is my go-to all in one crypto management tool.